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The Earth Collective

Oct 20, 2021


The special and first release of Crypt Inc. is now out! It will have its own feed here. Season 5 of TEC is still in production and will release before Crypt Inc. drops in 2022. But we couldnt pass up Halloween without having some fun. Be aware this episode is not as 'child friendly' as TEC is. Please subscribe to help us grow!

"Even though Crypt 083 isn't open yet, Crag and Bryce sneak down into the Gallery to put up Dead Day decorations, only to be discovered by the resident necromancer Shadarahim.

A fun holiday episode put together to celebrate Halloween 2021. Make sure to subscribe to catch all the Employee Interviews that will drop between now and the show's launch!

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Music by:
Alexander Nakarada |
Music promoted by
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)"