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The Earth Collective

Feb 26, 2023

Joseph makes his way to the fabled 1374 Jaldor Ave. Will he find what he's looking for? 
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Songs by:
Alex Mason - Nostromo
Cousin Silas - Traveling in Opposite Directions
Precis - Planacar

Jan 29, 2023

Joseph narrowly escapes the Collective while The Guard deal with the accident on The Edge Lane. He speeds through the abandoned streets of Jamestown in his search for 1374 Jaldor Ave. What will he find in this long abandoned metropolis? 

Songs by:

Jan 16, 2023

Joseph outlines his preparation to follow in Baldric's footsteps, and tells the old tale of The Phantom Merchant.

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Songs by:
Audiorezout (Agressive Cat & Deadly Outlier & Legendary)
Children of the...

Dec 20, 2022

The tale of Baldric Tully. Will it help Joseph find the answers he seeks?

Songs by:
Cousin Silas - Sky Watching
Alex Mason - The Neon Demon

Dec 5, 2022

Joseph continues his hunt for information.