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The Earth Collective

Apr 7, 2021

Joseph convinces Arthur and Michael to join him in heading into the dangerous Capital City of Jamestown in search of "The Tower of Lost Voices". They have to navigate the rubble filled streets to hopefully find this mysterious wonder of Oasus.

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Mar 5, 2021

Everyone gets used to their new positions. Joseph has an idea for something new.

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Songs by:
Zeke Healy


Michael Troup - Joseph
Dominic Zamorano - Arthur Collins

Feb 23, 2021

Joseph finds himself kidnapped by an unknown man. Arthur and Michael do what they can to help. Later, Arthur makes a difficult decision.

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Joseph - Mike Troup
Arthur - Dominic Zamorano
Michael - Micheal Merino


Jan 30, 2021

Joseph gets ready to begin negotiations with Arthur, who has a meaningful conversation with Guard Michael that might change the direction of the situation. The Cluster inches closer to becoming official.


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Songs by:
Daniel Birch

Dec 24, 2020

Joseph initiates his plans to regain control of his life. Commander Arthur and Guard Michael scramble to understand the situation and take control of their end before things get out of hand.

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