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The Earth Collective

Feb 29, 2020

Joseph responds to Citizen messages and explains more of what happened in the Facility, as well as an ominous conversation he had with Arthur.

Call Joseph's radio at 559-343-3044 (US)

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Songs by:
Daniel Birch
Kai Engel
Lobo Loco

Feb 21, 2020

Behind The Collective is a brand new show from the creator of The Earth Collective where he (Mike Troup) interviews other audio drama creatives about their show and their creative process. It will be in it's own RSS feed here. For now, enjoy the introduction on you normal TEC...

Feb 9, 2020

After finding the remains in the diner, Joseph continues his search for Numbers and gets closer than ever before but finds something he wasn't expecting. Call Joseph's radio at 559-343-3044 (US)

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Music by:

Daniel Birch