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The Earth Collective

Aug 21, 2017

"This is Arthur Collins....."


Music by Joe Firth

Aug 15, 2017

In this episode of the interseason miniseries Joseph explains to the listener that he has learned some interesting information about the missing girl, and of a secret that will force him to make a choice. 

This episode was scored by the talented Joe Firth. Listen to his music here. 


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Aug 8, 2017

Joseph explains a couple more aspects of The Collective and go over what he's done so far to fix the tablet he found. 


Music by Severin and Lost Radience

Aug 1, 2017

Joseph returns from his scavenging trip with something important in his posession. What secrets does it contain?

 This storyline written by Steven Domingues.

Music for this episode by: Radiant 

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